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The Accutane for sale or generic isotretinoin that you see advertised on the internet are being sold illegally. This means that it is not regulated by the FDA and therefore, any claims of its effectiveness have not been proven by medical studies. There are no standards in manufacturing this drug which means that there may be significant differences in the type and dosage of isotretinoin in each product that you see advertised on the internet.

Accutane is known in the market today as a highly effective medication for the treatment of moderate to severe acne. However, Accutane bears extremely high risks when it comes to its side effects. Women who are taking this drug are only allowed to have 2 babies because of its major risk factors that may interfere with normal fetal development and cause many severe birth defects. If you are a woman who is pregnant or planning to have a baby, it is strongly suggested that you should not risk using this drug in the slightest amount because of these risks.

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